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October 18th 2007


To Whom it may concern,

I have known Kyri, our school cleaner since I commenced work in 2001 as a classroom teacher. His cleaning was outstanding and nothing was too much trouble for him or his father who is also a cleaner at our school. My classroom was always cleaned to an outstanding standard.


I became the Assistant Principal in 2003 and during the last five years have also had terms as Acting Principal. During this time I have been impressed with Kyri?s attention to detail in his cleaning contract and he has continued to maintain our school to impeccable standards.


Over the last few years Kyri has become our maintenance person as well as our cleaner. He has excellent rapport with our staff and the wider community. We were grateful for his adaptability with his cleaning times to accommodate the Greek schools which use our premises after school hours on Friday night and Saturday morning.


I would be happy to supply any further information should you require this. Please do not hesitate to call me.


Sincerely yours,

Elaine Mills

Assistant Principal





Dr M Olenski

October 18th 2007


To Whom It May Concern,

This is a letter of reference for Keri Tsapas.


Keri from Taipan Cleaning has serviced our medical surgery and offices on a permanent basis. His work has been of the highest standard. He is reliable, responsible and always exceeds expectation.


I have no hesitation to further recommend his employment.


Yours Sincerely



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